My name is Tristan Wiley, welcome to my site.

Hello internet viewer! I am an Android developer who has worked on numerous apps and projects. I have attended hackathons across the US. See my work below.


Viewer for xkcdmore_vert

View Randall Munroe's comic "xkcd" in beautiful Material Design.


If you haven't read the amazing webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe I suggest you do right now. This app allows you to view the webcomic in a beautiful material design way. For more information view the app on the play store!

Reaction Timermore_vert

Test your reaction against your friends with a simple, material design app!

Reaction Timerclose

I created Reaction Timer for fun one night, my friends and family quickly got addicted to it. It allows you to test your reaction by clicking on the screen as fast as you can :).

Capture the Tagmore_vert

Using NFC technology, now you can play Capture the Flag with phones!

Capture the Tagclose

During MHacks 6 myself along with my team created Capture the Tag. With CTT you can set up a game similar to "Capture the Flag" with phones! By using NFC technology you and your friends can hide NFC tags wherever you want and see who can find each other's first! Click here to see more! MHacks 6 was my first hackathon, more about MHacks here.


Software that allows students to anonymously report harassment.


At HackRPI I developed this app because bullying and harassment is an incredibly large problem all over. It's impossible to not hear of these cases. I was inspired to create SchoolGuard because everyone has been effected by this at one point or another.


Learn to code by creating bots in a fun new fashion!


I created Botler along with my team at HackUMass 2015. Botler allows intermediate programmers, as well as advanced programmers to create bots and challenge other users to games. By providing a web IDE, users can learn to code by creating Python bots to play games such as Rock-Paper-Scissors and Light Cycle. Our platform provides users with all they need to develop their bots to play these games. We even provide statistics online and on mobile so users can see how their bots are performing!